Men/ Women t-shirt


1- Men’s or Women

2- Round neck or V Shape T-shirt

3- Full Sleeve or Half sleeve or Sleeve less

4- Fabric- Cotton or Polyester

5- Size – Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large

6- Color- White, Black, Navy Blue, Red or Etc

The high quality cool printed t-shirt made from 100% premium quality of cotton or Polyester, which are pre-shrink and bio- washed for longevity and are a perfect treat for a men or women who like to hit the gym in a style. Manufactured by ABC one of the leading online sellers for t-shirt s in India.

First of all the best in class, pure cotton regular fit neck half sleeve, multi-purpose t-shirt. Great to wear at gym, sport Club, family reunion, airport look, train, bus, picnic, parties or anywhere else you want. And the best part of our t-shirt is that it never fades in colour even if you wear and sleep during the night. Just wash and reuse for years. As a result our t-shirts does not lose colour or size (Non-shrinkable) and does not reverse (non-reversible). Gives you perfect fit, comfort feel and handsome look. Trusted brand online and no compromise on quality. For more cool sleeveless, half sleeve and full sleeve t-shirts check out our entire collection.

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